This resource expands and updates the Local Government Association’s original reputation campaign. It has been developed by LGcommunications and the LGA to provide leaders, executives and heads of communications with a route to improve the reputation of local public services.

This is not a list of core actions for councils. It examines themes of reputation and leaves councils to determine the best course of action for themselves to meet the new challenges outlined under these themes and those remaining from the original reputation campaign.

We highlight three big issues that are crucial:

  • your leadership
  • your brand
  • your communications

And we set out the five rules of reputation - the areas that we all need to focus on to improve reputation:

  1. prove you provide value for money
  2. always inform and engage residents and staff
  3. build trust and confidence in what you do
  4. improve key services and show you are doing so
  5. focus on changing lives for the better

These ideas should be central to the communications plans of every local authority.