New Reputation Guide

New Reputation Guide cover

Welcome to the new Reputation Guide. It’s for senior leaders and communication teams who want to do something practical to improve our reputation with residents. And in today’s world of tough financial times it provides the evidence of what things make the most difference to improving how residents rate us – based on research that looks at what matters most to the communities we serve.

Improving reputation is a collective challenge; we want people to have trust in the ‘council’ and ‘public service’ brand. The evidence shows that this is far from reality; satisfaction with public sector organisations is at the lowest ever since tracking began. Yet we have made massive strides in performance; it’s essential we get the credit. Our research has got beneath the facts and statistics and found just what it is that makes people feel the way they do – about what we do.

So what can we do to make a difference? How do councils and partners get the credit in these tough times? How do you make sure you spend your limited time and money on the right things? This resource helps answer these questions with lots of practical advice.

This resource expands and updates the Local Government Association’s original reputation campaign. It has been produced by LGcommunications and the LGA to provide leaders, chief executives and heads of communications with a route map to improve the reputation of local public services. It does not publish a list of core actions for councils. Rather it examines themes of reputation; three big issues and five rules of reputation. It leaves councils to determine the best course of action for themselves to meet the new challenges outlined under these themes and those remaining from the original reputation campaign.

Download the "New Reputation Guide" (PDF, 77 pages, 1098KB)